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Welcome to AGD

AGD is a unique investment company offering a sound, secure investment in one of the world's most stable and progressive property markets.

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As the London property market constantly evolves, many properties for potential development and profitability arise in all areas of London. Our team of Contractors, Architects and Chartered Surveyors, offer first-hand knowledge into the property market. Whether it be from purchase of a piece of land, building a new home, or renovation of an existing property, we will make your money work for you in the most efficient way, offering you large returns in a short period.

Our bespoke service can provide the construction work and property development to the highest quality and will provide an ongoing building maintenance service.

We aim to offer you a simple no nonsense, profitable real estate investment by suggesting the best options possible.

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"London, the UKs capital is the largest city in the European Union and the rest of Western Europe, where it all happens and has become a melting pot of talented, creative characters from different parts of the world, making it perhaps one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural places on earth"